CO2 by coordinates

API endpoint


Query params


latFrom lngFrom

float, requiredCoordinates for place of loading.

latTo lngTo

float, requiredCoordinates for place of discharge.
shippingTypestring, required

Shipping type.
Accepted values:
sea, road, rail, air

transportTypestring, required

A parameter that is matched to the current shipping type.
Accepted values:
For sea - containerVessel, bulk, cargo, roRo, barge
For road or rail - diesel, electric
For air – default.


If the container is a refrigerator or a standard.
(used when using parameter weight, if weight is sent then containerType is not used)
Default: false.
Accepted values:
true, false


A type of the container. This parameter defines the average container weight.
*Note: Weight or containerType is required.
Accepted values:
st20 - 20' standard
st40 - 40' standard
hq40 - 40' high cube
ref20 - 20' refrigerated
ref40 - 40' refrigerated
hq45 - 45' high cube
st10 - 10' standard
bu20 - 20' bulk
fl20 - 20' flat rack
flc20 - 20' flat rack collapsible
hcpw20 - 20' high cube pallet wide
ot20 - 20' open top
pw20 - 20' pallet wide
pl20 - 20' platform
ta20 - 20' tank
fl40 - 40' flat rack
flc40 - 40' flat rack collapsible
hcpw40 - 40' high cube pallet wide
ot40 - 40' open top
pw40 - 40' pallet wide
pl40 - 40' platform
hcr40 - 40' high cube refrigerated
hcpw45 - 45' high cube pallet wide
hq48 - 48' high cube
hq53 - 53' high cube


Transported cargo weight in tons.
*Note: Weight or containerType is required.


amountfloatThe CO2 value in grams.
pricefloatThe carbon offset compensation in USD.