CO2 Web integration

Carbon emissions calculator.

Integration code#

Paste this HTML into your page:

1<div id="carbon-emissions-calculator-root" data-filter='{"platform":PLATFORM_ID, "lang": "en"}'></div>
2<script src="https://www.searates.com/carbon-emissions-calculator/widget"></script>

Instead of PLATFORM_ID it is required to substitute your platform ID.

Supported parameters#

Below is the list of supported parameters via data-filter attribute:

Parameter namePossible values

Platform ID

  1. auto in this case application height will be equal max height or the height of inner content

  2. Any valid css height value example: "calc(100vh - 80px)", "600px", "100%", etc...

Restrictions (regardless of height value passed to the application):

  • app min height: 380px;
  • app max desktop height: 900px;
  • app max mobile height: 700px; (if window width <= 780px)


Looking for technical help?

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