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SeaRates comprehensive API documentation and extensive library support, you can start using the technology both for the benefit of trading business or for promotion of shipping rates. All of our APIs can be used separately or complementing each other to integrate force of digital shipping into a real application or service.

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Shipping capabilities#

Freight rates aggregator
Searates unites the world’s leading transport, logistics and forwarding companies, shipowners, airlines, rail operators and truck fleets to enhance global shipping to mutual benefit.
Decentralized community
We connect freight forwarders and logistics providers integrating with our modern, RESTful API and synchronizing their rates updated on monthly basis.
World trade automation
Best spot market rates from the top-rated carriers, specialized within their areas faster than ever before, and complete it with paperwork and tracking.
Innovative tracking
Connect information from multiple carriers and deliver accurate tracing information in web- or mobile app, as well as email or messenger notifications.
Stuffing optimization
Saving time and money on difficult mathematical calculations, load calculator API can be easily integrated both ends for effective and fast estimations.
Shipping consolidation
Searates allows you to save up to 30% on the standard rates of various transport companies according to special discounts based on monthly aggregation.