Description of response statuses

OKsuccessRequest successfully completed. Shipment information is available
AIRLINE_HASNT_PROVIDE_INFOsuccessRequest successfully completed. No information about the shipment was found
WRONG_NUMBERerrorWrong air waybill number
WRONG_AIRLINEerrorWrong airline. *Not in use yet
AIRLINE_NOT_SUPPORTEDerrorAirline is not supported
AIRLINE_UNDER_MAINTENANCEerrorAirline support is under maintenance
AIRLINE_NO_RESPONSEerrorThe airline returned an invalid response or the response wait time was exceeded
API_KEY_WRONGerrorInvalid API key
API_KEY_ACCESS_DENIEDerrorThis API key does not have access to the product
API_KEY_EXPIREDerrorThis API key has expired
API_KEY_LIMIT_REACHEDerrorThis API key has exceeded the limit for the number of requests
API_KEY_RATE_LIMITerrorThis API key has exceeded the allowed request frequency limit
UNEXPECTED_ERRORerrorUnexpected error
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