Response statuses#

Example structure

2  "response": {
3    "status": "DATA_NOT_FOUND"
4  }

All possible statuses

SUCCESSContainer tracked
ONLY_TEXTWe tracked container, but temporary can't draw route
DATA_NOT_FOUNDWe can't find container. Maybe sealine or container number is incorrect. Check input or try again later
WRONG_CONTAINER_NUMBERInputed container number is not valid
WRONG_SEALINE_NUMBERInputted sealine number is not valid
WRONG_API_KEYAPI Key is incorrect
EXPIRED_API_KEYAPI Key is expired, please contact us to extend it
NOT_VALID_LINEIncorrect line
NO_RESPONSE_FROM_CARRIERNo response from carrier
UNEXPECTED_ERRORERRORError. Please, contact us and explain, in what situation its happen