Create Booking

API endpoint

shipment_idint, requiredThis is the parameter returned by the Logistics Explorer API for requesting quotes.
booker_emailbooker_namebooker_phonestringThe parameter is necessary if the user is not authorized on the SeaRates website. If there is no registration, an account is created, and a confirmation and password are sent to the user's mail.
product_namecommentstring, requiredIf necessary, include the name of the cargo and any notes.
ready_to_loadint, requiredDate when the cargo is ready to be loaded. It is provided as a timestamp (in Unix time)
boolean, requiredThese parameters are marked true or false depending on the necessity for additional services.
spot_rateboolean, requiredTrue if the rate is spot, false otherwise.
typestring, requiredType of transportation. (FCL, LCL, BULK, FTL, LTL, FCL RAIL, AIR, FCL LAND)
linkstring, requiredLink from where the booking was made.
origincountrystring, requiredCountry code (ISO-3166 Alpha 2) from which the booking was made.
boolean, requiredWhat does transportation include.
schedule_indexintThe schedule that was received via Logistics Explorer for the rate, or null if there is no schedule.

Response: booking_id

int, requiredThis is the id of the created booking.

Response: order_id

intThis is the payment id in Rosoom. It is returned only to the spot rate with prepayment. This parameter is optional and may be ignored.